Business Travel

bild_affarsresa.jpgWe can help you with creative and cost effective solutions for your all your travel management!

We know that travel is important in order for your company to reach its goals and continue to evolve. Travel and travel management often accounts for a large part of companies’ variable costs. It is therefore important to find as clever and efficient solutions as possible for the entire travel process.

When you contact us, you are met by your team, which has advanced knowledge of your company and your travel needs. Our employees have extensive experience and are experts at producing the best possible price for each trip according to your travel policy – we give you a best price guarantee.

When booking simple and regular trips you can easily do it yourself using our efficient self-booking system, but the personal service is always there when you need it

We are the most accessible agency in the industry, offering 24 hour service, seven days a week with Nordic staff. Our mobile phone services also mean that you get more convenient control of your itinerary and any changes during your trip